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improve bus service 0 Verified

13:25 May 24, 2011

Brookings Institue just came out with rankings of the nation's top transit systems. FAX is #5. Here are the top five: 1. Honolulu 2. San Jose area 3....

FAX general report (No Location)

A Good Bus Ride... 0 Verified

15:30 May 23, 2011

The ride to the kNOw's Office today was great, bus 38

Downtown Fresno

a very cold ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 Verified

15:24 May 23, 2011

todays ride was very calm & pleasant. my bus was on time. 8). the only issue was, i felt like i was sitting in a freezer. 8/.

Herndon & Blythe

Open a window please! 1 Verified

15:18 May 23, 2011

I caught bus 38 from down town the bus wasnt 2 full nor 2 empty...but it waz really HOT...omg sumbody open a window!!!

Downtown Fresno



Construction hinders bus route 2 Verified

13:08 May 23, 2011

Bus 38 almost passed stop because of construction.

Cedar & Shields

Unruly passengers, route 35 6 Verified

22:50 May 20, 2011

Girl and guy engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior at the back of the bus

Fresno and Olive

Buses run slower after 7pm, bus 9 1 Verified

20:36 May 20, 2011

After 7 pm the buses run way too slow, and I feel that should be improved immediately (bus 9)

Shaw and Polk

Hour wait on bus 45 0 Verified

20:00 May 20, 2011

Bus 45: waiting for more than an hour for pick up this morning around 8 am

Fruit and McKinley

Late bus 0 Verified

15:21 May 20, 2011

bus 39: Manchester Mall - running late over an hour and passes by

Manchester Transfer Center

Courteous driver 0 Verified

11:40 May 20, 2011

bus 32 southbound: bus driver waited for running bus patron

Route 32



If you are going to report a driver 5 Verified

23:31 May 19, 2011

If you are going to write a report on the driver using this website I would suggest to you that you used a modified date timestamp to indicate what time...

General information in Fresno, CA

Bus ride/unruly passengers 1 Verified

19:24 May 19, 2011

I ride the bus to and from work daily. I know everyone wants to give the drivers a hard time, but I see things on the bus that has nothing to do with...

Cedar & Butler

Late, dirty 4 Verified

11:46 May 19, 2011

Route 9 and Route 20 is usually late. 20 is usually over-crowded and filthy.

Routes 9 and 20

Good job driver bus 58 0 Verified

22:34 May 18, 2011

Good job to the 58 bus this morning.

Near Friant and 41

2 bus riders injured in crash 9 Verified

21:15 May 18, 2011

Two Fresno Area Express bus riders were treated by paramedics after the bus collided with a car in southeast Fresno this morning. The riders complained...

Kings Canyon and Winery

A Quiet Bus Ride 0 Verified

15:35 May 18, 2011

Today I caught buses 38 & 28 to get to The Know's Office......other than the bus ride being quiet it was also relaxing!!! :))

Downtown Fresno

Scary! 2 Verified

14:38 May 18, 2011

On bus 38 there was an argument that was about to get really violent. There a few young children on the bus - one of the mothers of the children was being...

Cedar and Clinton

28 Bus at Shaw and Willow 0 Verified

14:00 May 18, 2011

The 7:20 a.m. bus at Shaw and Willow did not show up due to mechanical failure. The 7:40 bus was driven by a heavyset black woman who picked up a guy...

Fulton and Belmont, Fresno, Ca.

Rude bus driver - Route 45 0 Verified

13:03 May 18, 2011

I had to ride the bus for about 2 weeks while my car was being repaired, the driver was rude and made me feel that I was lesser than him because I could...

Ashlan & Clovis

I almost missed my test because of a slow bus 0 Verified

13:00 May 18, 2011

Bus 38 is supposed to run every 20 minutes, but I had to wait 40 minutes. Then the bus driver took a whole hour to get from Cedar and Mckinley to downtown...this...

Cedar & Mickinley