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Scary! 2 Verified

14:38 May 18, 2011

On bus 38 there was an argument that was about to get really violent. There a few young children on the bus - one of the mothers of the children was being...

Cedar and Clinton



New Regulations for Safe Transportation of Carts, etc. 0 Verified

20:02 May 17, 2011

Typical FAX Rider "Notification" of Changes Thurs., May 12th: no notices of new reg's re: carts "etc." posted on buses or at Manchester. Nothing on electronic/GPS...

FAX bus system wide; Manchester

A/C on for nothing. 0 Verified

20:31 May 16, 2011

today was so cold on the bus. the bus driver had the A/C on for nothing..

Herndon & Blythe

Bus Driver shows rider preference. 5 Verified

18:55 May 16, 2011

This morning I witnessed my bus driver give one of his friends a free ride. I knew it was free because the man had his money, ready to pay, but when he...

Going down Church Ave

Good service.. 0 Verified

14:42 May 03, 2011

Today's bus ride was actually a good ride, it was nice and cool on the bus, not over crowded, and people were nice and quiet. The main distraction on...

herdon and blythe

Difficult connection 0 Verified

15:20 Apr 25, 2011

Time distance was too far apart on routes 28 and 38

Cedar and Ventura



Okay so far 0 Verified

14:53 Apr 25, 2011

Been waiting for bus for 2 mins with daughter. Just got out of dentist

Fresno and Irwin

nice mello ride this morning.... 3 Verified

13:34 Apr 21, 2011

miss the 6:00 bus this morning, due to the fact it came 9 mins early for whatever reason. But it's cool, i still got to where i needed to go on time,...

Herndon & Blythe

Not Packed 0 Verified

21:13 Apr 13, 2011

I got on route 38 was cool that it was on time and not packed like it usually is.

McKenzie and Cedar

Early bird 3 Verified

17:30 Apr 06, 2011

Bus transportation was actaully in a positive mood. smell was good, ride was smoove, and i actaully got to my destination on time today. well earlier...

Fresno Cal, 93722 herdon and blythe

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