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Bus On Time

Early bus (First/Shields) 0 Verified

11:39 Jun 23, 2011

41E arrived early Shields & 1st 11:39am

First and Shields


Bus On Time

Bus on time (Dakota/Hughes) 0 Verified

11:11 Jun 23, 2011

41E arrived on time at Dakota & Hughes at 11:11am

Dakota and Hughes


Bus On Time

On time (First/Shields) 3 Verified

08:35 Jun 23, 2011

8:28pm Bus 41w arrived 8:35pm on time First / Shields

First and Shields


Bus On Time

Bus On Time (Shaw/Marks) 0 Verified

17:49 Jun 22, 2011

20S due 4:45pm Shaw & Marks arrived on time to Ashlan & Hughes at 4:50pm. 41E due Shaw & Marks 5:05pm arrived on time maybe little early at 5:12pm

Shaw and Marks


Bus On Time

Bus on time (First/Shields) 0 Verified

17:42 Jun 22, 2011

41E arrived on time at 5:42pm at Shields & 1st

First and Shields

Wonderful Bus Driver. 1 Verified

15:20 Jun 22, 2011

This morning I rode the 30 bus North. This driver is the coolest guy I have found yet. He is in his later 30's to early 40's with a mild limp. He always...

River Park

Great Bus Driver route 38 4 Verified

12:13 Jun 21, 2011

route 38 bus 9908 6/21/2011, bus driver is an african american male. about 6ft 5in. dark complexion. i always enjoy this bus driver whatever route he...

Blackstone and Herndon

Bus 38 SB pleasant ride 0 Verified

18:23 Jun 19, 2011

Cedar and ventura bus 38 southbound 6;23pm pleasant ride. Good ac. Good getaway from the heat. Bus was on time.

Cedar and Ventura

Bus Tracker Challenge 0 Verified

20:55 Jun 15, 2011

As a young professional who works in Downtown Fresno I challenged myself to ride the bus the entire week and I would not under any circumstance drive...

Martin Luther King and Annadale

Route 9 on bus number 9701 - Farebox issues 0 Verified

23:42 Jun 14, 2011

Let me say first I am an avid bus rider with the city bus line system. I noticed the driver was having an extraordinary bad time dealing with the farebox....

Shaw at Blackstone

On time, AC 0 Verified

13:20 Jun 14, 2011

Bus 38 NB came on time and has good air conditioning. Yay.

Fresno and Irwin

Wow! Bus 20 am ride. 0 Verified

13:30 Jun 13, 2011

Nice ride today, this ia a first, so I don't have much more to say but Wow!

Shaw and blythe fresno

pleasant 0 Verified

07:05 Jun 03, 2011

Bus 32 Pottle/fresno ....705am bus...........bus driver was pleasant...just an fyi...cuz not all experiences are bad

Fresno and Pottle

Bus 26 driver was Awesome, very professional and nice. 0 Verified

08:05 Jun 02, 2011

26 south bound 8:05 am timepoint at Blackstone/Nees. Driver was Clean/Friendly/Professional. Not like that other lady from Tues & Wed morning. Good job...


bus 20 - in a rush 0 Verified

11:17 May 31, 2011

The driver took off before giving a transfer. The person had to hold on to the bar very tite. At the next stop people looked as if they were running to...

Shaw and Marks

a very cold ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 Verified

15:24 May 23, 2011

todays ride was very calm & pleasant. my bus was on time. 8). the only issue was, i felt like i was sitting in a freezer. 8/.

Herndon & Blythe

A Quiet Bus Ride 0 Verified

15:35 May 18, 2011

Today I caught buses 38 & 28 to get to The Know's Office......other than the bus ride being quiet it was also relaxing!!! :))

Downtown Fresno

today was a normal bus ride.... 0 Verified

14:35 May 11, 2011

today was a normal pleasent bus ride. nothing new or bad happened today...

Herndon & Blythe

Good service.. 0 Verified

14:42 May 03, 2011

Today's bus ride was actually a good ride, it was nice and cool on the bus, not over crowded, and people were nice and quiet. The main distraction on...

herdon and blythe


Bus On Time

Running 5 Verified

14:21 Apr 25, 2011

I thought i was going to be late, but the bus was actually on time. Good job, FAX.

Chestnut and Weldon

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