Some Kind Of Hate is Aiden’s sixth full-length album (and second this year). This is Aiden’s first album with drummer Ryan Seaman. The band is from Seattle, WA and has been around since the spring of 2003.

Aiden has changed a lot over the years. Their early sound was more of a “screamo ” band, now they’re more of a “punk” band. I have seen Aiden many times live and they are probably the best band live in my opinion, they have amazing energy live and really connect with their fans. I have also met them a few times and its awesome how much time they take to meet their fans every show.

Some Kind Of Hate is an awesome album; I would consider it to be a punk rock album. I love every song on the album. They have two covers on the album, one is a cover of a song from The Misfits and the other is a cover of Joy Division.

I think it’s pretty amazing that Some Kind Of Hate is the second album they have came out with this year. Most bands come out with an album every year or longer so it is pretty weird to see a band come out with two in one year, only about 7 months apart. I find this album very good and I would never know that they came out with an album just month’s age. This album sounds great and not like it was put together fast or thrown together in a few months. I really don’t know how they did it.

Every album including Some Kind Of Hate has a different sound then the last Aiden album. Yet you can always tell it’s Aiden. They have their own sound and it is not like any other band. Some people may call them sell-outs because they have not stayed the same, but I take it as them growing as a band and wanting to be able to make good music that they love and want to play. Everyone’s music taste changes in time so I think it is to be expected that a band would also change over the years.

I find Some Kind Of Hate a great album and I would for sure recommend it. But I do have to say if you have a problem with anything controversial then you probably won’t like Aiden.

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