Transportation Stories, Part 1: Getting Around Town Is Not That Easy!

Posted June 25, 2010 by Various

Getting around town to go to school, work, community events, and hang out with friends is an issue that resonates for almost every young person. In a special series on transportation and how it affects the lives of youth in Fresno, The kNOw writers share how the lack of access to realiable transportation is an invisible social and economic barrier to success, especially in a city like Fresno where walkable communities and safe public transportation are limited.

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Gang Sweeps Won’t Work

Posted June 10, 2010 by Various

In an effort to combat gang violence, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office launched a series of sweeps on April 25, 2010 to pick up gang members from the streets. As of May 11, 710 alleged gang members had been arrested. But many of The kNOw writers share that the sweeps offer no solid solution to the gang problem nor does it make them feel any safer.

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Youth Seek Answers From Fresno City Council Candidates

Posted May 25, 2010 by The kNOw

On Thursday evening, May 20, eleven candidates for Fresno City Council joined over 140 Fresno citizens at the youth-led “We Wanna Know!” Candidate Forum at the Zimmerman Boys and Girls Club.

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Today’s Streets Lack Respect

Posted May 13, 2010 by Various

Anyone Can Be A Cholo The rules of the streets have changed a lot over the years. I don’t know much about other gangs, but I know about this one particular gang. They used to be all about respect and they learn the rules every time they get jumped in. But people haven’t been following […]

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Selections from “Write A Letter Home” 2010 Census Youth Fresno Campaign

Posted April 27, 2010 by Various

Dear Family, For many years, people of color were not counted as a full person in the United States… The Census gives everyone a voice, after so many years of our people being over-looked, it is time that we are all accounted for.  So please, participate in the Census and have your voice count. -Maria […]

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