Gathering Blue is a book of suspense, mystery, and questions. In this book Lois Lowry writes about a world that has a post-apocalyptic feel to it. It’s about a type where life has been reduced to it’s simplest; gardens, little wooden huts, farm animals, etc.. In this simple society, people are born into a predetermined social status and job. Even though the village has a solid government to keep them in check, there is still a sort of caste system in effect.This society also looks down at anyone who is crippled, mentally ill, or simply not “normal”. If you don’t appeal to the village they will send you off to the forest where deadly creatures constantly kill innocent people. Even though the book may seem slow at first the ending will make up for it. Once I was halfway through the book it started to get more interesting and once it came to the ending I was blown away and did not see it coming at all. Overall it was a good book.

About the Author

Parker Anderton
Parker is 17 and attends Edison High School. He likes to be with friends, go on runs, and play tennis in his free time. After high school he plans to complete his general education at Fresno City College then transfer to UC Santa Cruz where he plans to graduate with a degree in Botany and a minor in Art, French, and German.