January 18, 2013

Audio and Commentary: Gun Control Legislation

wall of high powered rifles on display for sale

Youth Speak on CA Gun Violence Bills, Obama’s 23 proposals
Audio clip on CA bills, Obama’s 23 proposals after the clip.


Youth Speak on CA Gun Violence Bills, Obama's 23 proposals

Audio Moderator: Adriana Hernandez

Editorial Contributors: Antonio Flores, Vincent Salinas, Ashley Vargas, TeLona Love, Amir Adem

Clip includes discussion of two CA Bills: Senate Bill 53 and Assembly Bill 48.

Youth Speak on CA Gun Violence Bills, Obama’s 23 proposals

Obama’s 23 proposals to reduce gun violence

Looking recently at the news one does not have to go very far to see that gun control and gun violence is a hot topic. With the recent shooting of schoolchildren in Newtown, the gun control debate rages on with renewed vigor. The gun debate has also seen some new policy developments.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama issued proposals, including 23 executive actions aimed at reducing gun violence and asked for help from lawmakers in making sweeping reform. His introduction of a $500 million plan to address this concern has received mixed reactions.

Many people expect fierce opposition to the possible changes, especially from groups like the National Rifle Association. However stricter gun control is in the minds of many with recent events swaying public opinion in its favor, shown by a New York Times/CBS poll, completed on Jan. 15, in which 54 percent of Americans want stronger gun control laws.

In California, bills have been introduced in an effort to curb gun violence statewide.

Senate Bill 53, introduced by Senator Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles), would require people purchasing any type of firearm ammunitions, either online or in a store, to hold a permit by 2014. Permit applicants would be subject to a criminal and mental health background check.

Assembly Bill 48, introduced by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), would ban kits that covert ammo feeding devices into high-capacity magazines, in addition to establishing a registry of ammunition sales in the U.S. Department of Justice.

The two bills will begin to make their way through the Legislature in March.

As the federal government and states act to reduce gun violence, we must begin to ask ourselves what is in the best interest of our country and of its citizens. What measures will be effective to keep us safe?


  • Anonymous User

    Gun control is unconstitutional. We, the people of the United States of America, have a constitutional right to bear arms. This right was granted to us by our founding fathers for a very important reason.

    Compare the United States to countries with even harsher gun control laws like Brazil, and you will see that the gun violence rates are even higher there! The bottom line is that gun control doesn’t stop criminals (the main people responsible for the majority of gun violence in our country) from obtaining firearms.

    Anyone who has lived in a ghetto in California (like myself) can tell you that the majority of gang-bangers who have firearms don’t purchase them legally from a gun shop. The very idea of a criminal, especially one who already has a criminal record, purchasing a firearm legally from a gun shop in California (a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country) is absurd if not laughable!

    They purchase them illegally from Cambodian arms dealers and their proxies. These guns, when purchased, usually already have their serial numbers scratched off and often have already been used in murders. They are also frequently totally illegal weapons which are capable of fully automatic fire. This can’t be compared to the completely legal, semi-automatic weapons sold in gun stores.

    Just because it looks like an “assault weapon” doesn’t make it one. A gun can look intimidating, but it’s internal mechanics could be comparable to an ordinary semi-auto hunting rifle (which is basically what all guns sold in gun stores are – even if they look like military weapons).

    It is EXTREMELY difficult for a law-abiding American to obtain a fully automatic, truly “military” firearm. Obtaining one requires applying for special permission from the federal government, and paying an extremely large fine (the cost of an expensive new sports car). Most gun owners in America do not possess such extremely difficult to obtain and expensive firearms.

    All these gun control laws are doing are stopping people WHO FOLLOW THE LAW. Criminals don’t care about gun control, and the Cambodians who supply them with weapons will continue doing so after such gun control legislation is passed, Gun violence will GO UP as a result of gun control, NOT DOWN. Why? Because law-abiding citizens, now stripped of their ability to own firearms, will be left defenseless and vulnerable to attacks from criminals with illegal firearms!

    And if you think just for a second that I’m making any of this up to serve some kind of sinister agenda, check the facts for yourself! Don’t let your political stance blind you from the truth. You need to get around your biases and accept information that contradicts your political beliefs. Here is a website dedicated to the dissemination of facts (NOT OPINIONS!).

    This is an unbiased research website that does research on a variety of “hot” issues like Abortion and Gun control. See the facts for yourself, look at the statistics, and draw your own conclusions instead of sitting in front of a television or computer screen, foaming at the mouth while politicians tell you what is and isn’t for your own good! George Orwell’s 1984 anyone?

    By the way, I don’t consider myself a Republican or a Democrat. I think both have good and bad ideas. I’m against the “war on drugs” which has been putting a disproportionate number of non-violent drug users in prison with violent criminals. I’m for the legalization of Marijuana. I support (liberal) immigration reform. BUT I DO NOT SUPPORT GUN CONTROL! IT IS WRONG! And that is based on factual evidence, not some stupid opinion that “guns are bad, mmkay!”

    Obama sends his children to a school with ARMED GUARDS who patrol the area! Imagine if that school in CT had armed guards! Maybe there would have been less casualties (OR NONE AT ALL?) Does anyone else not find it incredibly wrong and hypocritical that our own president sends his daughters to a school with armed guards while trying to deny that same level of protection for law-abiding citizens?

    Guns can be used to take lives, or they can be used to save lives. Can you imagine living in a country that has an unarmed military and police force? How well do you think that would work out? (Seriously)

    Think about it people, use your @$%^ing brains! Stop letting the media do the thinking for you!