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January 9, 2013

Fans #CutForBieber to stop using drugs

Fans #CutForBieber to stop using drugs


Justin Bieber was recently caught on camera using marijuana. Many young women that are big fans of him have taken his drug use seriously and are protesting to get him to stop. When I say ‘protest,’ large mobs of people with huge signs, posters and banners probably come to mind, but #CutForBieber is a different kind of protest. These young women are cutting their arms until Bieber quits using drugs and have posted pictures on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr of them cutting themselves in a desperate cry out to their pop star icon to stop smoking marijuana.

Here’s what makes this even worse: the protest was started by pranksters trying to troll real fans into hurting themselves. It’s horrifying that girls are participating in the #CutForBieber protest, but it’s even worse that it was started as a joke to trick fans into hurting themselves.

Going to an extreme like cutting is a ridiculous way to protest something. How are you going to fix someone’s self destructive addiction by mutilating yourself? There is no winning in a “solution” like that.

I am sure that the families of these teenaged girls are concerned about what they are doing to themselves. I am positive they are doing their best to try and get them to stop. Many people out in the social media world are critical of the fans, posting pictures of the girls and mocking them for cutting.

Bieber used marijuana to raise his reputation to a new level of being “with it,” due to the fact that he is often made a laughing stock on social media sites. He didn’t need to use marijuana to rank up on the fame chart.

Lots of big rap, hip hop and pop artists use drugs, but you don’t see their fans trying to stop them. The only reason these girls are acting this way towards Bieber’s use is because they grew up listening to him and made him a role model.

I asked my friend, Jassi Samara (16), about what she thought of #CutForBieber. “I think it’s terrible that we are making fun of the girls cutting themselves, but then again the girls are stupid for cutting over such a terrible cause,” she said. “It’s ridiculous how I see girls cutting themselves for a celebrity, a guy who barely knows they exist.”

I think the best way to help these girls out would be by letting them know that they are not only affecting themselves but they are hurting many people that are close to them and love them. I am positive that Bieber feels a little bad and ashamed of how his actions affected his fans.

I just want to ask those girls who are in pain out there, is it really worth it?

  • Anonymous User

    This is just pathetic. I can’t believe people are devoting so much time and energy over a celebrity smoking some weed. “Oh noes! He hit a joint! Its the end of the world! We’re all DOOOMED!” Seriously, get a life people. What is wrong with you? I wonder why we don’t see the same level of devotion to real issues, like children starving in 3rd world countries. You don’t see anyone complaining about all the kids that died in Nigeria from starvation this year, but some celebrity takes a bong rip and all hell breaks lose. What a @%@$ed up world we live in… seriously.