Community Health

August 11, 2011

Why Youth Eat Junk Food

Eating junk food isn’t healthy – it’s harmful in so many ways. Many teens eat junk food because it’s cheaper than all the healthy food. Teens eat junk food like hot cheetos, donuts, ice cream, soda and anything that has sugar.

Sometimes junk food can lead to obesity and health problems in the future. You can gain weight from junk food and can sometimes develop laziness from it. Once you gain weight from eating junk food, It’s difficult to lose it. Eating hamburgers every week is not good for you either. It may look like a meal, but it is considered junk food as well.

A lot of Americans are overweight and are obese. Even young children can get obesity and sometimes be diabetic from consuming so much sugar from sodas. The fact that healthy food is expensive and junk food is cheap can make life difficult for someone who is trying to live healthy on a budget.

This audio slide show features Brian, a Fresno youth, talking about why he eats junk food.

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