Arts and Culture

January 11, 2011

Six-Word Memoir



In response to David Mas Masumoto’s column in The Fresno Bee on November 28, 2010, youth from The kNOw took on the challenge of writing their own six-word memoirs.

Lost innocence,
never to be returned.

Purple cows.
Exploration, imagination.
Extraordinary day.

I cry,
he laughs.
Everything lost.


Partial memories,
unsatisfied goals.
Mission impossible.


I said please,
she said no.

Saw my chance,
didn’t take it.

Two brothers,
one sister,
never met.


Waited so long,
finally found her.


Strong passion.
I write,
we cry.


Happiness, poverty,
In the same

I should’ve
got the
red Wii.

Having major
loss of
spinal fluid.


painful death,
no more diapers.


The abusage,
the usage,
the revolution.

Any person.
Nobody makes
change alone.


Black girl,
Asian culture,
not hers.

Forgotten woman,
polishing shards
of dreams.