Arts and Culture

May 26, 2010


Part I

Two big birds fly passed my eyes.
Untouchable to me on this other side.
Inside a viewable lie.
Outside, a perfect disguise, of something that is the same.
This side makes me realize,
How trapped I feel.
So tempting to go to the other side,
To something so unreal.
This false reality a beautiful dangerous place,
Like a person who puts on a false face.
I’m writing from the inside,
Walking now to the outside, as I say, welcome
To the other side.

Part II

I see the big birds now in my reach, but they
Fly away from my grasp.
I should have stayed on the inside. I think I was
Closer to them than before, but now it is a
Closeness that does not last.

  • Yeel Vang

    Great poem Maria. I hope you come to look at this comment. You’re poetry is the bomb!!! I miss ya and everyone else. Keep up the good work everyone! TK owns!

  • maria valdez