Arts and Culture

March 23, 2009

Save Yourself

I know it relaxes you;
It makes you happy;
Stress seems to not exist,
But should it be your first resort?
It shouldn’t even your last resort.
This drug—this so-called
Relaxant doesn’t do much for you.
Sure it pleases your mind
Yet that harmful crash,
The crash that makes your body
You say you’ll protect me
But how come it seems like I’m your
Save yourself, before
You try to save others.
I want you to stop.
I need you to stop.
Even though you’re not doing it now,
There’s something called relapse.
Your mind is addicted.
Your soul is not.
I want you to stop.
I need you to stop.
I still may need you
So you can stop the crave.
Live for thee
Break free from addiction
And live free for me.